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Beta-X 100 caplets
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Beta-X 100 caplets

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• Patented Formula
• Increase Muscular Endurance and Strength
• Increase Lean Muscle and Work Capacity
• Speed Recovery
• Decrease Body Fat
• Enhance Aerobic Endurance

It’s Like Forced Reps in a Bottle!

BETA-X is a new supplement with such overwhelming scientific support and real-world efficacy, it could very well set a new standard in performance enhancement supplementation.

What if you could lift more weight? What if you could increase your total workout overload and volume? What if you could increase your anaerobic exhaustion threshold? What if you could contract your fast twitch muscle fibers (the muscle fibers that are responsible for the most growth) faster and harder? What if you could recover faster between sets as well as between workouts? What if you could sprint faster and harder for longer?

I’ll tell you what if. You would bust through any training plateau there is. You would notice almost immediate strength increases. You could do more reps with more weight. You could workout harder for longer and fatigue less. And most importantly you would pack on more lean muscle and you would do it faster than ever before!

And that’s just in the weight room. What if you are an athlete, a football player, baseball player, mixed martial artist. You could run faster for longer. Accelerate quicker. You could jump higher. Punch harder. Swing the bat faster and hit the ball further. You could cycle faster for longer. You could simply do things you couldnt do before. And you could do it all again and again and again.

New BETA-X is a patented formula - a special time released beta-alanine that is scientifically proven to deliver just that!

BETA-X contains a special patented beta-alanine substrate in an innovative time released formulation that is designed to provide 24-hour muscle saturation of what could possibly be the most important performance supplement in 15 years – and quite possibly ever.

How to Take BETA-X . . .
Serving size: 2 caplets, Beta-X-Patented time-release beta-alanine 2000 mg.


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